Zola Amour was founded by me, Emily Evans, in 2016.

I’d been working in the fashion industry as a footwear designer and had travelled to factories in China allowing me to see the devastation caused by the fashion industry. I also travelled the world on a regular basis for research and inspiration… Which allowed me to join the dots between, production, fad trends, advertising v’s mental health and the environment.  

Once I left my temporary position at Jimmy Choo, I began researching the industry and wanted to gain an insight into what is really going on, what I learn was truly disturbing and I knew that I could no longer contribute to an industry that doesn’t give a shit about the environment, the people working for it OR the people wearing the clothes.

I decided to focus my attention on shaking up the industry and to reject the current business model of buy bad quality trend focused Deciding to focus on making essential items out of good quality organic fabrics. Made to last and designed NOT to date.

For the first year of conception, I worked two part time jobs and got everything in place, later launching in 2017.

My mum joined the team in 2018 and we’ve been working together ever since, I design the garments and concentrate on the business development and my mum hand pattern cuts, grades and makes all of our pieces out of good quality organic cotton, modal and bamboo, 80% of our fabrics are also knitted in the UK and we even go as far as even stitching our garments in organic cotton thread to make sure the garments actively return to the ground when they are finished with.'

With love,