We create beautiful clothing that DOESN'T compromise on style but WILL change the impact fashion has on out planet, minimizing it's effects on climate change and the ethically immoral way that some clothing is currently manufactured. This is the future of fashion. Currently ethically hand-made in our Brighton premises, each item that we design goes through a process of careful considerations:

1. THE DESIGN - is the item STYLISH, chic and a must-have for the wardrobe? Will it be able to be worn in more than one circumstance or situation? Dressed up or dressed down? To the gym and also to the office? 

2. LONGEVITY - is it made out of the BEST materials and will this item be loved, worn, washed, worn, washed again and again and still be in one piece for years to come?

3. MATERIALS - what natural and organic fabrics are suitable for this item? Are they sustainable, ethical and fair-trade? Are the threads also a natural organic material? Are all the buttons, fittings and other components either recycled or natural. Ultimately, will this piece return to the Earth where it came from at the end of it's use?

4. COLOUR- what colour will suit this item? Will it look good in neutrals, black white or grey? Can we guarantee that the suitable colour will also stand the test of time?

5. COMFORT - is this item ridiculously soft and comfortable? Is it breathable? Antibacterial? Temperature balancing? 

6. MANUFACTURE - Is it made ethically and fairly? What quality of life do the garment workers have? Are they paid a living wage? 

We believe in lengthening the lifespan of our clothing, without compromising on TIMELESS STYLE and in using sustainably sourced, organic certified materials, threads and components to make each piece, we can make a permanent and positive change, environmentally, socially and ethically across the World.