Sustainability, being ethical, transparency and limitations.

We're completely committed at Zola Amour to being the best company that we can be at every stage of our supply chain, if fact we're so committed, that a lot of the reasons we started the business are to ensure we do just that. 

We're proud to be able to share with you our beliefs on sustainability, transparency and being ethical and why it's important to us. 


V's our fabrics:

We make everything out of natural and organic fabrics that are bio-degradable because we believe that if it comes from the Earth, it should be able to go back to the Earth to start the cycle again.



sustainable organic certified fabrics We ensure that it's as Earth friendly as it can be by ensuring that we only buy organic fabrics that carry specific certifications such as GOTS (Global organic textile standard) for our cotton and OEKOTEX for our bamboo.



Here's a great video expaining the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

And here's a great video about the OEKO-TEX 100 standard.


v's our componants


We use recycled polyester zips for our trousers. 

And ensure that our collection is fully bio-degradable by using GOTS organic cotton threads to stitch.

And use shell buttons to fasten all of our shirts with.

Being Ethical

We make our entire collection in-house, ethically, right here in the UK meaning that we can maintain our high level of quality as well as ensuring that we can maintain a good quality of life for our team. 

By purchasing GOTS fabrics we ensure that every aspect of the supply chain is vetted and meets strict social criterias. 

#imadeyourclothes - our sustainable fashion collection is hand made ethically in the UKour sustainable collection is hand made ethically in the UK

Our entire collection has been made by Mims and Emily right here in the UK. 


We are boldly transparent, you can meet all of our suppliers here:

Organic textile company - 90% of our fabrics come from this lovely team with good hearts based in Wales, UK. 

Forbitex - Organic Cotton Thread

YKK NatulonMade from chemically recycled polyester (post consumer), it is perpetually recyclable. 

Troficolor - Our GOTS organic cotton raw denim comes from our Portugese suppliers.

Mode harmony - Manufacture our shell buttons and jeans buttons

Supply division - Our elastics and cotton cords come from this British company.

Woven Labels UK - Our woven damask labels, care labels and size labels come from this local company. 


Whillst we are doing everything that we can to make sure that our company is as good as it can be. There are some limitations because of our size, meaning that we are not yet able to buy everything as sustainably as we would like to and haven't yet grown to a size where we can develop our own resources. 

Unfortunately, our elastic is not yet sustainably sourced and we are unable to develop our own at this stage. However, we are working on this and hope to either source or develop elastic in the future. 

Our care labels and size labels are not yet biodegradable. We are not yet at a size where we can place the huge quantities that would enable us to afford to buy GOTS organic cotton care labels. However, as soon as we are at a size that will enable us to do this, we most certainly will. 

If you are reading this and can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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