We are evolving. 

 After six years glorious years of careful designing and environmentally conscious fabric choices, we know we can do better.  

As part of our re-birth, we’re re-imagining what Zola Amour could look like if it was to commit to becoming 100% circular in its business model.  

Entering phase 1, we are proud and excited to offer free repairs for postage, for each garment during the first two years of its use. After that we will offer repairs for the low-cost price of £5 plus postage.  

With the introduction of our repair model, we aim to keep 100% of our garments in use, which not only adds value to our products, as well as offering value to our planet, by increasing the lifespan of each item.  

So, how does it work?  

1/ Go to the ‘Repair Centre’ section, located in our shop (click here to go).  

2/ Check our either ‘Free Repair’ for items that are less than two years old, or ‘£5 Repair’ for items that are over two years old.  

3/ At the checkout enter your order number and the date you made the purchase, along with information about what needs to be fixed.  

(NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t have this information handy, simply use the same name and e-mail that you used when you originally purchased with us and we can look you up). 

4/ Pack up your sample and e-mail us at for our address.

Note: Please ensure that you send your item using a tracked service, Zola Amour is not responsible for any lost parcels.

5/ We will complete the repair within 30days 

6/ You will be happily re-united with well-loved Zola Amour piece.  

Thank you for making a circular world entirely possible! 

Emily x


Disclaimer: Not all repairs will be possible and most repairs will be visible – we will let you know if the repair is not possible, in this situation will advise what to do next. We will try to complete each repair to be as subtle as possible, but this is not always an option.