Mum and I are completely committed to total transparency within our supply chain. On this page you can find all the information you need to be 100% confident in the ethics behind our supply chain. 

 Discovery knitting: 

Is a family run business based in Leicester, UK. The Cook family have been manufacturing British-made knitted fabrics since 1986 and supply the jerseys that we use for our t-shirts, jumpsuits, vests, culottes, shorts and t-shirt dresses. 

The work directly with a farming family in India to grow the GOTS certified cotton that they use to knit our fabrics with:

You can view the certificate here.

We love the quality of their knits and being able to buy British cuts carbon out of our supply chain. 

 The organic textile company:

 The organic textile company was founded in 2005 by Phil and his wife, Ann.  After selling fabric for over 30 years, they learned about the terrible damage we do to people in third world countries who grow cotton and have to rely on pesticides. Thousands die each year (many due to suicide). They live miserable lives, tied to poverty, bound to a system that supports agro chemical suppliers.

Desperate to do something about it, they began the organic textile company to support organic farmers & to enable people easy access to organic fabrics.  

 We buy some of our fleeces (cotton is farmed in Turkey), our bamboo/organic cotton blend fabric (made using circular loop processing in China) and our organic cotton twill from them. 

You can view the GOTS certificates for the fabrics that we buy:


 Merchant and Mills:

We buy our laundered linen from merchant and mills located in the heart of Rye, UK. It's such beautiful quality and is grown ethically in either Europe or Ireland. 

Ecological Textiles:

Based in the Netherlands, ecological textiles supplies our recycled hemp/ organic cotton blend chambray.


Our organic cotton denim comes from Portugal.

Scanfil organic cotton thread:

Although it is 5x more expensive to buy in, it's important to us to ensure that our products are bio-degradable/ compostable at the end of their use... Instead of using polyester threads like many (most) other brands to stitch with, we choose to stitch each piece that allows for it to be stitched in organic cotton thread. 

Our aim is for total transparency along our supply chain and are happy to provide more information if needed - simply drop us a message. 

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