Clothing empowers us. It allows us to be what we want to be.

Our mission is to provide you with the most beautiful everyday essential pieces, that have been designed with the utmost care. Made to the highest standard and out of the highest quality organic fabrics. So that you know they will last you for years to come.  

The reason we exist and create the clothes we do starts with one question: “how can we translate simplicity and quality into key pieces that don’t cost the earth, to make a sustainable life easy?” Because it should be just that, easy. 

Each design goes through a lovingly and carefully considered design process:

In terms of ethics we believe that only the living wage is acceptable and offer it as a minimum.

Our aim is that each piece will find a treasured home in your wardrobe for many years to come. 


Emily and the team

This stage is always really exciting. We start by scribbling ideas into our sketch book. Once we’ve completed the initial designs we ask ourselves a few questions. Is it timeless, stylish and essential? Can it be worn in a variety of different ways and in different situations? Will it easily fit into your existing wardrobe?Once we’ve completing the designs we start to samples up, selecting the softest, highest quality organic cotton fabric. We want each piece to really stand the test of time, not only through the design itself, but also quite literally, each piece is made with love by us, ethically in our premises in Warwickshire, England. It’s so important to consider the whole of the items cycle, by choosing natural and organic fabric, grown naturally from the earth. We know that once the item has been worn and loved, it can be composted and will eventually return to the earth.  Are the colours selected classic enough… Are they worthy of being passed down to our kids, grand kids, will they go with everything. Do they fit into our simple sophisticated palette, carefully selected by us so that you know they will go with your existing wardrobe. By using the softest organic fabrics, we know that they will feel gorgeous on your skin, that they will be breathable and cooling. We make everything by hand in our own premises in the heart of England. Our production leader is our founders Mum, Mims and she creates each piece by hand with incredible care and attention to detail, we are so proud of what we produce, we want you to be proud to wear it