We’re not here to tell you how to dress

We’re here to give you a collection of clothes crafted from high-quality materials and designed with the utmost care, not only with you in mind but the environment too.

Discover our timeless pieces you can wear any season, for any occasion, in every kind of way.  Our collection consists of the core essentials that are anything but basic, and make up the foundation of every stylish yet comfortable wardrobe.

These are the key pieces we would wear ourselves every day; quality clothing made to empower the modern woman to be herself while being considerate to the earth too. After all, Zola Amour does mean ‘Earth Love’.

The reason we exist and create the clothes we do starts with one question: “how can we translate simplicity and quality into key pieces that don’t cost the earth?”

To ensure we do just this, every single item goes through a strict design process: 

1. the design:

Is it timeless, stylish and essential for the minimalist capsule wardrobe? Can it be worn in a variety of different ways and in different situations? Dressed up or dressed down? To the office and to the gym?  


Is the item made from the very best materials and will it be loved, worn and washed again and again for many years to come? 


Can we say this item will return to the earth after its lifetime? What natural and organic fabrics are suitable for this item? Are they sustainable, ethical and fair-trade? Are the threads also a natural organic material? Are all the buttons, fittings and other components either recycled or natural? 


What colour will suit this item? Will it look good in neutrals, black, white or grey? Can we guarantee that the suitable colour will also stand the test of time? 


Is the item made for comfort? Is it breathable? Antibacterial? Temperature balancing?  


Is it made ethically and fairly? What quality of life do the garment workers have? Are they paid a living wage? 

At Zola Amour, we believe there are no rules, except one: fashion can be both stylish and kind to the earth.

Ready to question the rules? We are.

Here’s to our pieces finding a treasured home in your wardrobe for many years to come.

Zola Amour Team.