#ZEROWASTEWEEK - 5 Facts about textile waste

#ZEROWASTEWEEK - 5 Facts about textile waste

It's #Zerowasteweek this week and we think it's really important to have a discussion about textile waste, as it directly contributes to the 12.8million tonnes of fashion related 'rubbish' discarded every year.  

We've listed 5 little known facts about textile waste (below) and have recently teamed up with our friend Cecily Blondel of the Emperors Old clothes to discuss the issue and how we can reduce our contribution to it (see video below).

Here are the facts:

1/ 15% of all fabric bought and intended to make clothing ends up on the factory floor. 

2/ People in the United Kingdom have an estimated £30 billion worth of unworn clothing in their wardrobes. In fact Brits only wear 70% of their clothes which leaves us with 1.7billion unused items. 

3/ Millions of tonnes of unused fabrics at Chinese mills go to waste each year when dyed the wrong colour. 

4/ 85% of unwanted textiles go to landfills. Textile waste occupies 5% of landfill space. 

5/ Sadly, 95% textile waste that are landfilled each year could be recycled.

Cutting out production of our organic cotton poncho, ethically handmade in the UK. Part of the minimalist capsule wardrobe

Zola Amour V's Off-Cuts

At Zola Amour we're committed to sustainability and really value our materials. We're literally kept every single scrap of fabric left over from our textile production since launching last year and have spent the past year researching ways in which we can use them. (The fabrics themselves are certified organic natural fabrics so we also know that the smaller scraps can be composted if there is no other way to use them).

After lots of experimenting we launched our handmade headbands this week, made using the off-cuts from production, these little beauties can be worn as a headband, scarf, waistband as well as many other ways!

We're working on some more exciting new initiatives that will be coming soon... So watch this space. 

Organic cotton and bamboo hand made headbands, ethically made in the UK. Part of a minimalist capsule wardrobe collection

Cecily of the Emperors Old Clothes and Emily of Zola Amour Discussing Textile Waste:


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