Zero Waste Swap : Safety Razor

We've been wracking our brains for a while trying to figure out a sustainable way of keeping our legs fuzz free, firstly we tried letting them grow, but it wasn't for us and then we tried home made wax, but kept missing hairs and now we have the perfect solution...!

Following last week's article, we wanted to introduce you to an easy sustainable shaving routine swap to avoid plastic and save money : The safety razor.

At Zola we have been considering trying it for a while but never felt brave enough to go for it, until this spring... And after all that we could only find one negative : We wish we'd tried it sooner!

 Here are our top tips on how to make your transition smooth and easy.

Step 1 : The razor

It is advised for women to pick a razor with a longer handle. This will help you get the angles you need especially to shave your legs.

At Zola we went for the Merkur 23C DE (Double Edge) razor. It is made in Germany, has a longer handle of 95mm and the brand comes highly recommended.

Make sure you select a razor made of 100% metal, avoid colour coating as it makes them slightly less sustainable and make sure to take good care of it. Once bought a safety razor could last you a lifetime!

Step 2 : The blades

The brand Astra is one of the most common when researching which blades to use for women. The great thing about these is that they can be bought in a bulk pack of 100 : each blade comes individually wrapped in paper and each cardboard box contains 5 blades on average.

Bonus : A box of 5 blades cost around £2 to £3 and you will only need to change the blades once every month or more, it all depends on how often you shave. Imagine the money you will save!

Step 3 : The Method

Many people assume that you need all accessories to go with the safety razor : the brush, the bowl, the shaving cream … Actually, all you need is to keep your usual routine, only change the razor.

At Zola we prefer to use a moisturizing bar of soap, and we feel it is very important to go slowly, especially at the beginning. Once you get some practice you will get faster but to begin with, be careful and take your time to avoid cutting yourself.

And don't forget to use the Alum Stone (see last week's article) after shaving your underarms for a soothing effect.

We found these video tutorials which will show you the full method :

- How to put the blade on

- How to Shave 


  • To recycle the blades, you can keep them safe in a jar until you can take them to a special metal recycling bin, or you can wrap them carefully in tin foil and place them in tins to go straight into your own recycling.
  • Make sure you keep your razor clean and dry to avoid rust : do not keep it in the shower and maybe buy yourself a case or guard for safety.
  • Make sure you screw on all the pieces of the razor correctly. At Zola we did it wrong the first time and could not understand why the razor was not shaving!
  • Travel : Good news, you can travel with a safety razor, even in your hand luggage. You just need to make sure you take it out of your suitcase together with your liquids. Some airports will let you keep the blade, but some won’t. So just be prepared for your blade to be taken away.

 We would love to hear from your experience, whether you have been using a safety razor for a while or have just made the swap. Please send us your tips and advice! 

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