The wonders of the Alum Stone - The BEST natural deodorant

With Summer around the corner, we're all hoping for the temperatures to rise as high as our last bank holiday. But with warm weather, comes the daily issue of perspiration.

The common options we use are aerosol deodorants, notoriously bad for the environment, and the alternatives roll-on which are usually full of plastic packaging. Something we also forget to look at is the content of these product : What exactly is in them? Could their aluminium content be harmful to our health?

First let's identify the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. The deodorant masks or reduces the odours created by sweat but keeps your skin breathing. On the other hand, the antiperspirant reduces or eliminates the flow of sweat on the skin surface, this is what aluminium compound are for. So a deodorant should be your first choice to ensure you do not obstruct the natural functions of your skin.

Here are Zola, we believe in healthy sustainable and conscious living. This includes knowing what is in your product, especially the ones you apply directly on your body.

Some of you may have heard of wonderful DIY recipes for deodorant using bicarbonate soda, coconut oil, or arrow root powder. Whilst these are wonderful natural options, we wanted to talk to you about our favourite one : The Alum Stone.

Alum stone is a potassium crystal which works as a deodorant by leaving a fine slightly alkaline film on the skin. This inhibits the growth of microbe and therefore the development of any odours whilst keeping your skin fesh and breathing all day. Make sure you purchase a stone which is 100% natural, as a synthetic version will not be as efficient.

 At Zola we have tested it and it works wonders! To use, simply run the stone under water and rub it against your underarm. Make sure you dry the stone thoroughly after each use.

As well as a deodorant, you can also use the alum stone as an aftershave or to sooth insect bites.

And here are a few more positives :

  • The cost: only a few pounds
  • The stone erodes as it is applied to the skin, therefore this product will last you for years!
  • You can easily find them package free or in a cardboard packaging
  • Chemical deodorant damages the underarms of your clothes... We've all had those nasty yellow marks under our armpits.. The culprit = Deodorant! The Alum stone doesn't have this effect.  

So let us know if you feel brave enough to ditch your favourite deodorant for our lovely piece of crystal, we would love to hear your feedback. Here is a link to buy yours : The Shaving Lounge. or Mother natures goodies via ebay

We converted back in February and haven't looked back... we'd love to hear how you get on with it! Share your stories using the handle @zolaamouruk on facebook and instagram. 

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