Our debut at the Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin (NEONYT)

Our debut at the Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin (NEONYT)

Our debut at the Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin. 

We were really proud to exhibit in the Ethical Fashion Show (now named NEONYT)  in Berlin last week from the 3rd July to the 5th July! 

We had a fantastic time, met some incredible influencers, stores and brands all working towards a positive change within the fashion industry.

The Ethical Fashion Show, Berlin sign

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the ethical fashion show… Here’s a little bit about it (taken from their website):

‘NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. NEONYT brings together Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin under a new name and with a new concept. The FashionSustain conference is also part of the NEONYT universe.’

Here's how it all rolled out:

Monday 2nd July 2018


After a busy day on Sunday prepping our sustainable fashion collection, line lists, promotional materials, stand decorations, hangers, steamers as well as ourselves and eventually finishing our preparations at 1am (OUCH!)

Woke, bright and early at 5.20am and headed to Brighton train station full of excitement and ready to board the Gatwick express to London.

Arrived at Gatwick 6.40 am and met with our gorgeous companion and close friend Louise Ross.

Boarded our flight to Berlin, which was fashionably late (in true fashion week style).

We arrived in Berlin at 12pm and headed straight to Kraftwerk where the ethical fashion show was taking place.

Absolutely delighted to have made it, we located our empty shell space and began prepping it for the next few days.

Our empty shell space at the ethical fashion show berlin, green fashion, sustainable fashion

Ate at an amazing burger place (halloumi and – fries) which was very much needed after a long day!

We then took a stroll through Berlin and along the river, stumbling across Mon Bijou theatre bar and swing dancing by the river.

We love how free and easy Berlin is in the Summer time and the joy that seams to resonate from everybody with the joy of the Summer.

Lousie and I eating our burgers after the first day prepping the show


Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Kick off day! We arrived at 10am raring to go… Relived to see our collection still there, we grabbed a couple of coffee’s from the coffee shop (in re-usable cups provided by messe Frankfurt) and began the joyful task of meeting new and interesting people, including: Alejandra from Jandi heart eco fantastic ambassador for feminism and sustainable living.

Thierry and Mieke from Mieke,Amanda and Frederike from a simple life,

Jana from project cece great online shop for sustainable fashion.

Ezgi from Lando Studio,

the gorgeous Mathilde from sustain your style one of our favourite bloggers, who looked absolutely divine in our dark grey poncho!

Mathilde from sustain your style in our dark grey GOTS organic cotton poncho

 Aileen from wikirate, Sarah from Pure London and Juette from Schuh – hug a (who will be stocking our ponchos from this Autumn).

As it was the late night of the  show we were treated to food and free cocktails from 7pm onwards and enjoyed the fabulous green coffee cocktails from drink.selo

Following that we enjoyed winding down at the after party!

Wednesday 4th July

Slightly jaded from the night before but still excited to introduce our amazing collection to the World.  

We arrived again at 10am and met the fabulous guys from the amazing store Hope Disorder, located in Moderna, Italy. We are so looking joining the other fantastic designers already stocked in this super cool store this October.

We also had the pleasure of seeing the gorgeous Siobhan Wilson, the owner of FAIR in Brighton. Siobhan is a wonderful ambassador for sustainable fashion and fair trade. We are also privaledged to be stocked in her gorgeous store located on the Queens Road in Brighton (our home town).

We met the gorgeous Amoureuxxe and were astounded by her free spirit and total love for nature.

Later in the afternoon we final the amazing Lenny from Mamoq, one of our lovely stockists based in the UK.

And then the amazing and inspiring Alden the wonderful face behind Eco Cult.

We also met the lovely Sarah, the brains behind McQueen Independent, a fantastic store selling and showcasing independent fashion in Manchester, UK.

Carlo from Carlo – Schneeweis (that means snow white), who looked super cool modelling our black long poncho, which will be available to buy this coming Autumn.

Unisex organic cotton sustainable fashion poncho being modelled by carlo schneeweis


The fabulous Claudia Hofmann – talent behind the Green showroom selects.

And Pauline AKA the lovely veggie - who ROCKED our light grey poncho!

After a wonderful day we left the show at 7pm and

Evening rolled in and we enjoyed tucking into some sauerkraut and drinking some local beers, before heading back to the apartment ready to hit the hay and refresh ready for the last day.

 Thursday 5th July,

We woke, filled with sadness that it was the last day, needing coffee, but ready to have a fabulous last day…

A much quieter (but appreciated) day we met the amazing Lara from sustainable fashion platform cousture, tytti from moricollective and Mariel, Lorena and Lizeth from Slow Fashion World. As well as the gorgeous Lisa from @lisampress , who showed us EXACTLY how to wear our light grey poncho in the summer time.

As well as the lovely slow fashion world team 

Lisa looking fabulous in our GOTS organic cotton sustainable fashion poncho that was made ethically in the UK

Finishing on a high we packed down our stand and left Kraftwerk for the last time until January… It’s not all glamour – heading to the airport with our the entire contents on our back and in our luggage.

Our founding director at the airport with the entire sustainable fashion trade show on her back

It’s been a whirlwind of a time, full of fantastic and lasting relationships. We’re very much looking forward to January when we’ll be back!

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