Natural Beauty : Inspired by Morocco

To live consciously means looking at all products you use, especially the ones on a daily basis. So today, we wanted to talk a little about natural beauty and share out beauty tips we picked up on one of our trip to Morroco.

1. Argan Oil :

Argan oil is rather popular and can be found in many beauty products. It's especially good to moisturise and to keep a healthy skin and hair. The Argan nut is really rare as it only grows in particular area in Morocco. The nuts are then ground down and transformed into a nutritious oil which can also be used for cooking.  We advise that you make sure that you only buy organic products as this will guarantee the purity of your oil.

How to use : Use Argan oil as a daily face moisturiser (only two drops are plenty) or as a hair mask once a month ( make sure you rince it out thoroughly!).

2. Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay :

Ghassoul clay, most commonly known as Rhassoul clay is a natural mineral clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It has been used for centuries by Moroccan women and is know for its ability to purify and cleans the hair and skin whilst keeping some moisturising benefits.

How to use : Mix with water to obtain a paste and use as a face mask to purify your skin. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rince with water. Or use it as a replacement for your shampoo: Simply wet your hair, sprinkle some clay powder and massage your scalp thoroughly. Rince with water. The clay powder can also be used as dry shampoo and works very well for darker hair due to its colour.

3. Berber lipstic:

In the souk of Morroco, we discovered this natural lipstick which gives a very vibrant natural colour to your lips and stays on very well. It is simply poppy flower powder mixed with water and painted onto a little terracotta container then baked at a high temperature. 100% natural and very unique!

How to use : simply wet your finger and run it on the coloured terracotta, apply to your lips.

4. Khol :

Khol is made from ground charcoal mineral. It's a dark grey powder which is applied around the eye using a thin stick made of wood. It does take a little practice to get used to the application process, but it stays on all day without smudging. This is your natural version of an eyeliner.

We hope you enjoyed our little insight on Moroccan beauty and that it will help you consider your options if you are interested in using more natural make up alternatives. Keep us posted with any comments or ideas you may have, we love to hear from you!

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