Let's grow together!

Let's grow together!

Spring time is here and gardening (urban or outside) is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the sunny days, as rare as they are.

At Zola we've started looking into growing our own herbs and vegetables, the perfect way to get into sustainable eating and also quite a fun little project.

Whether you have a big or small garden, or even none at all, we have a few tips on how you can easily grown your own food from seeds or from waste.

Grow your own vegetables = the sustainable way to eat well

  1. The grow pod.

Seed pantry have developed a new technology to grow herbs and flowers indoors with minimum effort. They soil is mess free and all you need to do is refill the water when the light turns on. What more could you ask for?!

At Zola we gave it a go, and here is a photo of our chilli and basil plant :

Positives : The process is very easy, it all comes in a kit, which looks rather nice and modern in your flat and requires minimum effort.

Negatives : It takes a long time for the plants to grow, the device is expensive to buy.


  1. Grow from seed or plants

As much as this method requires a lot more effort, the satisfaction of growing your own plants from scratch is extremely rewarding. Have a look at your local plant nursery, see what they have available and what you fancy : tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, salad, mint, rosemary... The sky is the limit (or maybe the space you have). Arm yourself with plant pots, soil and plant feeder and you are ready to start!

Keep in mind that most plants will require different environment and watering/feeding methods but rest assured : it is not that complicated and all you need is to pay attention to them!

Positive : The satisfaction of growing your own plants

Negative : Require weekly effort and attention, can be a little expensive.



  1. Grow from waste

At Zola, we recently discovered that you can grow your own vegetables from waste. The best way to reduce food waste and improve conscious living.

You can find a video here which will tell you how to proceed for each vegetable. Keep in mind that because you will be planting from food waste, make sure you buy organic in the first place.

At Zola we started by buying organic garlic, planted it just under a week ago and it is already growing!


Positive : Reduce food waste and very economical.

Negative : As it comes from food waste the changes of success are not as high.


Now get your gardening gloves on and start growing! We'd love to see how you get on, share pictures and tips with us using our hashtag #zolaamour !

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