A little about essential oils

Today, we wanted to talk to you about essential oils and how to use them. We're sure you've all heard about aromatherapy, some people swear by essential oils and use them as alternative medicines. You can find many books which will explain the benefit of each oil and how to use it.

Here's a little introduction about how to purchase good oils and how you can benefit from using them in your everyday life as well as why they are 'essential'. 


How to buy essential oils ?

 Essential oils are obtained from leaves, flowers, twigs, fruit and roots of various plants. These produced in big quantities will only produce a tiny amount of essential oil. This is why a few things are very important when purchasing an oil :

1. Make sure the product is 100% pure essential oil. Look out for words such as "frangrance oil" or "perfume oil which indicates that other ingredients have been added and the benefit will be far less than a true essential oil.

2. Buy organic : Due to the quantity needed of flowers, leaves, fruits etc, it's very important that these are produced organically to ensure less harm to the environment.

3. Make sure they are sold in a coloured glass bottle. This will provent the light coming through and will keep your oil for a longer period of time.

Lavender oil : 

Lavender is well known for its calming properties. To get the full benefit of this oil, simply add 5 to 6 drops to a hot bath and relax. Another great way to use it is to put a couple of drops on your temples or on your pillow before going to bed.

Tea Tree oil :

Tea Tree oil is fantastic to fight acne. Just put a drop on the spot twice a day and it will help it dry out far quicker (a prettier alternative to the famous toothpaste remedy!).

Peppermint oil : 

Peppermint is fantastic for digestion. If you have regular digestion problems or you have just had the biggest meal of your life, just put a few drops on a sugar cube and eat it. The effect is rather immediate.

An other fantastic benefit of this oil is its cooling properties. Just put a few drops of this oil on the back of your neck and after a couple of minutes, you will start feeling much fresher. With the hot weather hitting the UK, this little trick will make your days much easier!

Please let us know if you use essential oils yourself, or if you would like to share your tips with us at @zolaamouruk on facebook and instagram.


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