How to have a #consciouschristmas?

How to have a #conscious Christmas?

So it’s that time of year… The time of giving. Often that can mean financial stress, worry and anxiety regarding ‘what to buy’ and a lack of time to get everything ready.

Did you know that every year a staggering £2.6 billion is spent on unwanted gifts?

This is our guide to an ethical and sustainable Christmas and below is a list of tips and ideas to make your Christmas personal, stress-free, giving and about the things that really count. Spending valuable time with your loved ones.

So here goes:

  1. Find out what your loved ones truly want or need. Don’t be shy to ask them for a Christmas list, think outside the box. Don’t just buy them something for the sake of it. Think. Will they treasure and value it? Stop your gift from being a ‘one hit wonder’ and forgotten about post Christmas.

Thoughtful and sustainable christmas gift

  1. Hand made. What skills do you have? You could consider giving home made jam, truffles, mince pies. If you can sew, you could up-cycle something found in a charity shop, you could print and frame a picture of a happy memory you’ve shared this year, customize the frame. Make a mix-tape. Think about what they would really appreciate and cherish.
  1. Support small businesses by buying from your local town. These items will often be totally unique, one of a kind, individual and personal. Take some time out to go and find out about the small businesses in your area, learn their stories, why they started out? What they love about what they do? Support them and your local economy, they are often so reliant on local trade and it can be the difference between them sinking or swimming. Try to avoid huge corporations and that embarrassing moment when you realise that you have given your nearest and dearest the same thing as somebody else. 
  1. Offer vouchers and I don’t mean vouchers from big stores. What can you give someone from your own skill set? Maybe they have children and would love some time out, babysitters are expensive, why don’t you offer to babysit so that they can do just that? Are you a dab hand with a needle and thread, offer to repair their jeans, sew on some buttons? Cook a meal for your Mum and Dad, you could draw up a menu and set a date? Are you a musician, does your loved one want to learn? You could offer to share your skills with them.

Thoughtful sustainable Christmas gift

  1. Don’t forget presents don’t have to be new! We have an abundance of amazing charity, second-hand and vintage stores. Why don’t you start there. Not only will you be saving pennies from your hard – earned wages, but you will also be giving them something unique and helping to reduce the huge amount of waste that gets produced during the holiday season each year.

Here’s to making this Christmas conscious and to really showing how much you care about someone with a thoughtful gift.

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