8 pieces, 24 outfits - Spring styling for all Weather!

8 pieces, 24 outfits - Spring styling for all Weather!

We’re so excited about the new collection, that we decided to share something really exciting with you, because the collection is so simple, it is really easy to integrate it with our old pieces.

We decided to simplify it even further and have selected 8 pieces out of our collection in order to co-ordinate almost a months worth of outfit’s for you, which we’ve organised into types of weather, because well, you know, we DO live in England!

Capsule Wardrobe dressing - 8 pieces 24 outfits.

In this most we've included: 

1.  Jumpsuit

2. Culottes

3. Paper bag trousers

4. Shirt Dress

5. Long sleeve tshirt.

6. Tshirt Dress

7. T-shirt

8. Stripped Raglan Jumper

We hope you’ll love our suggestions!

Most of our pieces are available in a size small (8-10)-large (16-18) or standard UK sizing 8-16 – We’re currently working on upping our size range, so if you don’t see your size there, please drop us a message and we can make it for you.

The best kind of weather - sunny and warm!

Sunny warm weather inspiration - sustainable capsule wardrobe dressing

Starting with the most optimistic of weather types, sunny and warm, 

Above from left: 

1/ Lovely and simple our organic cotton tshirt dress with pockets does it all!

2/ Our beautiful linen shirt dress- as it is with the belt. 

3/ Bamboo organic cotton blend tshirt with black organic cotton culottes.

4/ Roll sleeve bamboo organic cotton tshirt with the paperbag black organic cotton trousers - frill on!

5/ Organic cotton jumpsuit - as is.

6/ Roll sleeve organic cotton tshirt with paper bag black organic cotton trousers - without the frill!

And finally! 

hemp organic shirt dress without belt

7. We simply adore the shirt dress - loose with no belt - imagine the air flow - so cooling!

The second-best kind of weather Sunny but cool!

sunny cool weather dressing capsule wardrobe styles

I always forget, this time every year that it is not yet fully summer and there can certainly be a chill in the air, particularly in the evening! 

8/ Try layering the tshirt simply and stylishly under the jumpsuit for that extra layer. 

9/ The shirt dress layered over the organic cotton  tshirt dress as a jacket looks classic and  sophisticated. 

10/ The shirt dress, with belt over the organic cotton culottes is gorgeously feminine and chic. 

11/ The shirt dress loose over the organic cotton culottes is cool and casual. 

12/ the organic cotton t-shirt dress tucked into the organic cotton culottes (I'm wearing a medium so they are extra loose in this picture).


13/ We LOVE the linen shirt-dress loose over the jumpsuit.  

Not so great - Cloudy - Cold Weather

Cold and cloudy weather

The long sleeve organic cotton modal blend tshirts and the raglan jumpers really are the hero's for this type of weather dressing. 

14/ Stripped organic cotton raglan jumper with the organic cotton culottes.

15/ The organic cotton long sleeve tshirt with the paperbag organic cotton trousers (with frill) looks g o r g e o u s! 

16/ The stripped organic cotton jumper with the black organic cotton paperbag waist trousers (without frill). 

17/The organic cotton tshirt dress layered with the stripped organic cotton jumper over the top. 

18/ The white organic cotton modal long sleeve tshirt paired with the organic cotton paper bag waist trousers

19/ The bamboo organic cotton tshirt with the wide leg organic cotton culottes and linen shirt dress over the top looks casual chic.  

And some extra's:

20/ Bamboo organic cotton tshirt layered under the organic cotton jumpsuit with the linen shirt dress over the top as a jacket. 

21/ (not pictured) Same as above with the long sleeve organic cotton tshirt instead of the short sleeve will add that extra layer of warmth on the cooler days. 

22/ Bamboo organic cotton tshirt with the organic cotton paper bag waist trousers and layered with the linen shirt-dress.

23/ The organic cotton long sleeve tshirt paired with the organic cotton wide-leg culottes is a fantastic outfit for cooler weather days. 

24/ The linen shirt dress looks fantastic layered underneath the wide-leg organic cotton culottes

What if it rains? 

Well, we do live in England... It's probably a good idea to invest in a long lasting classic, such as a stutterheim!

sutterheim, long lasting classic raincoat.

And shoes? 

Well, we love boboheme - they make the most gorgeous vegan shoes - They are currently in the process of re-branding at the moment, but the ETA on that is July, sign up to their newsletter to know more. 


We'd love to see how YOU style your Zola Amour pieces - Send us pictures to enquiries@zolaamour.com or tag us on insta @zolaamouruk


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