Our illustrative guide to conscious christmas shopping 2018!

Our illustrative guide to conscious christmas shopping 2018!

So Christmas is a month away (already) and if you are any thing like me then I am sure that you haven't yet started your Christmas shopping, have no idea what to buy your loved ones and don't even know where to start... 

I often find that panic sets in, takes hold and then it becomes really easy to forget the thing that is the MOST important during the holiday season and that's spending time with your loved ones. 

I spent a little bit of time designing an illustrative guide to sustainable, ethical, personal and affordable Christmas gift ideas to make life a little bit easier for all of us!

Here is is: 

Zola Amour illustrative guide to affordable, ethical, sustainable and personal Christmas gifts.

We've broken down our top tips into some suggestions below, for really personal conscious Christmas gifts. 

Conscious affordable Christmas gifts - handmade1/ Why not paint your loved ones a picture? Knit a scarf? Make jam? Mince pies? Write them a song, a poem? Frame a picture of a great memory you have had in the past year together? 

2/ It's so easy to forget how precious time is! In the busy world that we live in today, simply making a promise to spend some time with some one can mean the world. Why not give your loved ones a voucher for, a hand cooked meal? A date night? To baby sit so they can go out? To teach them one of your skills? To go on holiday? To book a weekend out of the year to spend time together? To do something, rock climbing, a picnic, a bike ride? A movie in? The possibilities are endless... Memories are the best gifts. 

support your local independent store and independent designers3/ Don't forget about your local independent stores. They offer unique pieces, unusual gifts, hand made artwork. Support local communities and boost the local economy. Remember there are a lot of independent designers selling online only (like us!), a good place to source them is on sites such as etsy. 

Thrift stores are the best! affordable ethical sustainable 4/ And finally, my favorite option, second hand, thrift stores. You can find some real gems in your local charity shops! If you're loved ones are a fan of fab and unusual pottery, love to collect records, cds, read often, play board games, know someone who needs new furniture, likes art work - you really can find almost anything. Usually very cheap and a great way to guarantee that you wont have got the same pot for that Aunt.  The only challenge is not finding something for yourself at the same time!                                                 
We'd love to hear your tips! Feel free to comment and write back with your suggestions, let us know what treasures you've found too!                                               
Thank you for reading! Happy Christmas!                                                                                                                                                                                                               
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