5 ways to shop more sustainably this summer!

5 ways to shop more sustainably this summer!

With summer just around the corner, many of us will have the same idea, “the sun's out, let’s get new items for my wardrobe!”.  The team here at Zola wanted to give you a few simple tips on how to buy clothes more responsibly and work towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

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TIP 1 : The rule of 30

With fast fashion clothes being treated as being disposable, most people don't wear 100% of their wardrobe. So, before purchasing any new item of clothing, ask yourself this question:

Will I wear it 30 times or more?

Think about:

  • Will it go with other key items of my wardrobe?
  • Where will I wear it?
  • Is it comfortable enough that I will want to wear it often?
  • Is it seasonal?
  • Is it on trend? Will this trend sustain?

This will help you evaluate how necessary this item is to your wardrobe and help you make the right decision.

TIP 2 : Quality

Many people associate quality with price, and while they can be related, it is not always guarantied. So make sure you inspect the garment before a purchase.

- Look at the material : is it thick, thin, difficult to maintain, hardwearing? 

- Look at how the garment is made : are the seams secure, is the stitching lose or coming apart?

If it is a piece which you want to wear a lot, remember that you need to make sure it will last.

TIP 3 : Slow down

With fast fashion constantly developing new collections and making the old ones redundant. Many brand have moved from 2 seasons a year to sometimes 5 or 6. Shops such as Zara have also taken this a step further and are releasing new items every weeks!

Make sure you break this circle and only purchase what you need and when you need it. Remember that realistically you will only need a change of wardrobe for your Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. And don’t forget : many items can be worn throughout the year.

Slow down, have a think, then purchase.

TIP 4 : Where does it come from?

It's important for you to research the brands you are buying from and to understand how sustainable their products are. So make sure you do the below before purchasing new items from a new brand:

- Read the label : Have a look at where the garment was made, this might give you an idea of its carbon footprint or how sustainable the item might be.

- Have a look at the brand’s website for their sustainability policy.

- Consider the materials : some are more sustainable than others such as organic fabrics, bamboo, tencel or lyocell.

- Is the company ethical? Where do they produce? Are they looking into their carbon footprint?

TIP 5 : Buy vintage

Textile waste is a huge problem, so vintage shops are the perfect way to restore the balance.

Try not to focus on the fact that you need a specific item such as a red dress as you most likely will not find it this way. However, you might however find a beautiful yellow one instead. So make sure you keep an open mind and really go for pieces you love, remember our tip number 1!

And also think of using vintage shops when clearing out your own wardrobe. The end life of your garments is important, so make sure you recycle them when possible or donate them to charity for a second, third or fourth life!

We hope you enjoyed our tips today and make sure you send us your own tips, share them using our hashtag #zolaamour.

Thank you for reading!

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