Our top 5 tips for shopping high quality clothes on the highstreet.

Our top 5 tips for shopping high quality clothes on the highstreet.

Aren’t you tired of clothes that fall apart after just one season?  
We believe that is time to start shopping smart, that means investing in quality clothes that look good and last longer. That’s why we’ve put together a quick illustrative guide on how to spot high-quality clothes!

1- Avoid synthetics


Synthetics are known to be very cheap. That’s why they are a very good indicator that the company is not focused on the quality of the product. Check the label inside the clothing: when it is made with more than 50% of Polyester, Acrylic or Nylon it means that the clothing is not going to last long.

2- Observe buttons and zippers


Accessories can tell you a lot about the quality of the clothing. For exemples always check the buttons: low quality buttons probably means that the whole piece is low quality. Also check how they are sewn: the attention to which they are sewn can reveal how much the company cares about the quality of their clothes.


3- Thickness of the clothing 


The thicker the better: if the clothing is made with a generous amount of fabric it will be more confortable and more likely to last longer mantaining also its appearance. Just a quick tip: to test thickness try to hold the garment up to the light and see how much light penetrates it. If you can see behind the clothing as is shown in the picture above, it means the quality of the fabric is very low.


4- Look for loose threads


Another sign that a piece of clothing is high quality is a good stitching. How do you recognise a good stitching? Check how many stitches per inch. The more the better! Look for extra stitching. Companies that care about quality usually have extra stitching work so your piece of clothing doesn’t fall apart after just a couple of months. As we’ve already said above always check that buttons are securely sewn to the fabric.
Last, there shouldn’t be loose threads, if you see loose threads it means the stitching work is  poor work and the clothing is probably low quality.


5- Check for imperfections


Imperfections are a clear sign of poor quality. You should look for them as a warning sign of poor workmanship. If the quality is put together poorly, the piece of clothing won’t last long. Always check that there are no holes, missed stitches, loose stitches, crooked lines or seams. 

With these tips we hope we’ve helped you to identify quality clothes that look good and are more likely to last longer. Over time you will see all the benefits of a smart shopping, not only for yourself but also good for the planet. If you have any further questions on how identify high quality do not hesitate and comment below!




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