5 tips to help with your New Year wardrobe declutter.

5 tips to help with your New Year wardrobe declutter.

There’s nothing quite like the start of a New Year… New hopes, new dreams, new promises, new you!

You feel invincible, fearless and ready to commit to positive actions to live by through 2019.

When could possibly be a better time to declutter your wardrobe? When you look into your wardrobe does it look like this…

 5 tips to help with your New Year wardrobe declutter in order to help you to be more sustainable and to develop your perfect capsule wardroe.

 (Picture taken from pinterest)

It’s got to the stage that it’s impossible to find anything and you literally feel like you are being gobbled up every time you attempt to find something new to wear.

Decluttering is a great place to start if one of your goals is to be more sustainable or to form the perfect capsule wardrobe.

1/ Go through your entire wardrobe, removing everything that you are immediately ready to part with.

Don’t think, get into the zone and throw into a pile ready to take to your local donation point….

GREAT! You’ve started… Now it’s time to move onto the next phases!

2/ Get rid of anything that is damaged beyond repair!

If you’re anything like me then you’ll have a few select pieces that you used to love, but poured coffee on, got caught on a door handle but still long for the glory days so have kept them.

To begin with, anything that is too stained to wear has got to go immediately!

Secondly, I don’t know about you but I often put pieces that need to be repaired in a box in order to ‘do it later’ then I don’t quite get to the ‘later’ bit. A top tip to avoid this is to put a reminder in your phone to do it in a Month, if you haven’t repaired the piece within the time then just get rid. 

3/ The pieces you haven’t worn for a year or more….

For the majority of these pieces, my suggestion would be to kiss them goodbye, thank you them for the good times, forgive them for the bad and cherish the memories.

However, there is the occasional item that you think, ‘what if…?’ and there have definitely been a few pieces that have become an ‘if only’…  

Put them in a ‘save for later’ bag. If you get to the end of the next year and still haven’t worn them, then it’s time…

4/ Clothes that don’t fit you right now.

As women our weights tend to fluctuate. Mine goes down as low as 52kgs and then up to around 60kgs from time to time. Which means that I have loads of ‘skinny’ clothes that I love to wear when I am my smallest self. To clear space, I tend to literally pack my small clothes away a bit like putting your Summer clothes away for Winter. This clears tonnes of space in your closet easily, until you are ready to wear them again.

However, I would say be realistic with the clothes that you will get into again in the future. Those skinny skinny pants you wore for your 16th birthday party probably ain’t gonna fit…

5/ Occasion wear that only comes out occasionally…

I have a few designer and vintage pieces that I only wear on special occasions, such as weddings, funerals and fancy parties.

 I tend to keep these pieces in dress bags (with moth repellent) at one end of my wardrobe. This protects them and doesn’t let them get tangled up in your regular clothes.

Now your wardrobe looks like this... Right?!

Zola Amour - Capsule collection - ethical clothing


Top tip for deciding on items you are unsure about:

  • Try it on, how do you look? How do you feel? – Your gut instinct will do the work for you on deciding which items go and which items stay.

Where should I take my unwanted clothes to?

-Thrift store

-Clothing donation bins

-Sell good quality items on Ebay

- Sell good quality Vintage on Etsy

-find your local swap shop

-Use natural fibres as wash rags


Thank you for reading, We hope you find it useful. We'd love to hear your top tips in the comments below.

Much love


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