4 ways to eat more sustainably!

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With the hot summer starting (and hopefully staying!) it's time for barbecues, salads and fresh fruit. Here at Zola, we wanted to share a few tips with you on how to eat more sustainably. Changing your habits can be hard, but these simple steps will truly help you make a difference.

1. Know what you buy 

Make sure you buy organic where possible, especially when it comes to fresh product such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Research your local area : Is there a farm near by which might sell fresh products? Are there local farmers markets?

Or if you are feeling brave, growing your own fruit and vegetables is always a great option...

2. Reduce your packaging

Always make sure you look at the way your product is packaged and try your best to buy no plastic. Always favour cardboard, paper or metal wrapped food. For fruit and vegetables, always try to buy them lose. Just ask yourself a few questions : Is there too much packaging? Is there better alternatives? If not, do I need it?

3. Eat less meat / fish

There is a very simple trick here which is easy to start with : Meatless mondays. If you feel brave you can increase this to two or three days a week, rotate days ... Whatever works best for you. Again when you do buy meat or fish make sure you know where it comes from : Is it locally sourced? Is it organic? 

Also do your research and look at vegetarian and vegan recipes, some of them are so delicious, you will forget all about that meat!

4. Make your own

Finally, a very simple way to make sure you eat sustainably is to cook everything from scratch. Because you are the one cooking it, you know where the ingredients come from, you can make sure they are sustainably sourced AND it's healthier! No E numbers or preservatives.

We hope you liked our article this week and we would love you to stay in touch and share your tips with is. Keep us posted.

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